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If someone walked into your office today and wanted to buy your business, how much would you ask for? If one of your co-owners wanted to leave the business, how much would you pay for their interest in the business? These questions are just the beginning of the exploration into the valuation of your business. From evaluating your company to determine what the best type of Buy-Sell Agreement for you is, to helping you figure out how to fund the Agreement, Innovative Strategies can help you find peace of mind when planning for your company’s future.

To learn more about Buy-Sell Agreements and how Innovative Strategies can help assess your needs, click here or call one of our agents at 817-310-4700.

Key Person Protection

If you are like many business owners, much of the success of your business depends on your employees. Often times, there is a core group of contributors who help drive your business. Whether they are part owners or important employees, they bring value to the table. You want to make sure that your business will continue to be successful even if you lose their expertise.

So how do you protect your business when the financial security of your business is threatened by the death of a key person?

You can cover the financial loss your business would experience at the death of a key employee by insuring your key people. While they can never be replaced, you can help protect your business from experiencing financial loss at their death.

To learn more about Key Person Protection, click here or call one of our agents at 817-310-4700.