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Advanced Planning.

There are several ways to enhance and safeguard your net worth.
Let us explain a few of our options.

With the combined expertise of financial, legal, and regulatory experts, we provide our clients the most elective advanced planning practices. Which options are best for you and your family and/or business.

CPA Market Development

CPA Market Development

While CPAs and financial advisors offer different services, we believe that these services complement one another. Working together, a CPA and financial advisor can provide clients with more value-added services that help them achieve their goals

The CPA Advantage is a detailed program, with proven processes to help CPAs and financial professionals build trusting relationships and provide value added services to your clients. This program gives you the opportunity to expand your business, generate additional income, and o!er the financial services and products that your clients are asking for.

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Distribution Solution

Distribution Solution

Distribution Solution is a tax strategy utilizing the rules within the Tax Code to reduce your tax bill during retirement.

Consider Distribution Solution if you are between the age of 55-65 and you have qualified money (IRAs; profit-sharing 401Ks).

Do you think you might qualify for a Distribution Solution?

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Captive Insurance

Captive Insurance

A Captive insurance company is one that insures the property and casualty risks of its parent company. This type of insurance may be a good fit for businesses that require better management of their insurance needs.

There are several types of Captives and there are several reasons why a business may need to consider this insurance, including if the business has high risk, high cash flow, or needs unmet by the market.

Determining which type of entity structure is appropriate for your client’s situation should be done with the assistance of legal and tax advisors.

Curious if your business could benefit from Captive Insurance?

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